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Jake Fowler

Millennials; a Tale of Two Cohorts



John Hedlund, Vice President - Issuer Marketing, Mastercard


In many ways, the millennial generation is a victim of branding; most people still think of them as they did when the term first came into vogue in the early 2000s. But no one’s the person they were 17 years ago, and the same is true for millennials. Over the course of this conversation, we’ll discuss some of the observed financial behaviors of millennials as compared to other cohorts, try to understand key differences, and make a case that this monolithic generation is really much more nuanced.

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John Hedlund

Vice President – Issuer Marketing, Mastercard

John has spent over 15 years in the payments industry in a variety of strategy, account management, and marketing roles, including managing global retail fuel merchants and leading the emerging industry business development team at American Express. He currently leads the US Issuer Marketing Team for Mastercard, which creates marketing platforms and activations to support the business objectives of Mastercard’s issuing partners. Perhaps his most useful work experience, however, was the two years that he spent teaching second grade in Houston, Texas, an experience whose lessons have a remarkable amount of staying power, even today.

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