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Has your Relationship Pricing Lost its Spark?



Rutger van Faassen, VP of Lending, Nomis Solutions
Oren Lavie, Senior Business Analyst, Nomis Solutions 


Banks have a long history of rewarding existing lending customers with discounts under the assumption that lower rates will make them more loyal. But it seems counterintuitive to keep discounting your best customers until they are no longer profitable, especially when you don’t understand their price sensitivity. On the other hand, some banks follow the cable television model, offering temporary discounts to attract new customers before converting them to the baseline price. It’s possible that those banks are throwing away discounts on customers who might not maintain balances at the end of the promo period. So what’s the right approach to building meaningful customer relationships?

In this webinar, Rutger van Faassen, VP of US Lending at Nomis Solutions, will illustrate new ways banks are using data analytics to identify opportunities for redesigning lending products to reduce price sensitivity and achieve profitability. Attendees will learn how banks can manage the tradeoffs between relationship pricing for customer retention and customer acquisition and ensure that they are measuring the right KPIs when it comes to profitability targets. The session will focus on customer perception of value and levers other than price that banks can use to meet their portfolio goals.


  1. Measuring the perceived customer value of product features that can reduce price sensitivity and increase “stickiness.”
  2. Using optimization to understand the tradeoffs of pricing levers based on existing customer relationship versus new business.
  3. Identifying whether your bank is using the right indicator(s) to measure the success of optimization strategies.


  1. Learn how to identify the right metrics for your bank when evaluating portfolio performance.
  2. Increase effectiveness through product design that focuses on customer value levers other than price.
  3. Improve business outcomes by finding the right balance between incentivizing new or existing customer relationships.

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Rutger van Faassen

Vice President of Consumer Lending, Informa Financial Intelligence

Rutger van Faassen works with clients by providing them with actionable insights from the unique data assets Informa generates about the competitive lending landscape both qualitative and quantitative. He brings broad experience in international retail lending to Informa clients.

Rutger recently joined Informa from Nomis Solutions where he was Vice President of Lending helping lenders globally implement lending price optimization solutions that generated proven benefits.

Prior to joining Nomis in 2008, Rutger worked at ABN AMRO Mortgage Group. During his ten years at ABN AMRO Rutger was responsible for setting up mortgage businesses in different global markets.

Oren Lavie

Principal, Business Analytics, Nomis Solutions

Oren Lavie is a Senior Business Analyst at Nomis Solutions where he focuses on the Lending vertical. Oren works with Home Equity, Auto Loan, and Mortgage clients in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to working at Nomis, Oren worked for Citigroup in the Risk Management department. Oren has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley.

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