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Alternative Credit Insights: The Key to Universe Expansion



Jason Heil, Head of Credit Risk Solutions, ID Analytics


The only constant in the consumer credit industry during the past decade was disruption. The financial crisis and new regulations forced many banks to tighten lending standards, while fintech innovation and marketplace lending provided new channels and sources of credit. In an ever-changing credit ecosystem, alternative data provides insight to help enterprises see a more complete picture of consumer behavior and creditworthiness.

Alternative credit data provides an opportunity to serve consumer groups that fall outside the traditional credit approval process, including millennial, thin-file, and no-hit consumers and present more competitive offers to individuals with strong established credit histories.

In today’s competitive marketplace, enterprises must cast their nets wide to stay competitive while promoting consumer credit inclusion. Join ID Analytics as we explain how your institution can expand your universe of prospects without increasing your risk and optimize product offers with alternative credit data insights.


  1. Trends impacting consumers ability to qualify for credit using traditional scoring methods
  2. Advantages of using alternative data to promote consumer inclusion
  3. The benefits of alternative data across the credit spectrum


  1. Expand your prospect universe, without adding risk
  2. Realize the benefits of alternative credit data insights, beyond consumer inclusion
  3. Optimize product offers to ensure maximum profitability

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Jason Heil

Head of Credit Risk Solutions, ID Analytics

Jason Heil is a Principal Product Manager, Credit Risk Solutions for ID Analytics with over 10 years of industry experience. In this role, Heil defines, packages, and delivers credit risk solutions for ID Analytics.

Previously Heil worked at TransUnion where he was responsible for business development and implementation activities for their credit solutions. During his tenure at TransUnion, Heil held multiple consulting roles across the organization spanning from data acquisition and management to helping lead a team of engineers responsible for complex product rollouts and supporting key financial services clients. 

Prior to TransUnion, Heil was responsible for strategic consulting, including business and strategy development at Hewitt Associates. Heil holds a M.A. in Banking and Strategy from University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School, and a B.A. in Business and Finance from Western Michigan University.

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