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Improving Collaboration Between Line of Business and HR Using Workforce Management

Recorded On: 05/31/2018



Randy Ross, Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics
Dave Martin, President, Bankmechanics


Line of business (LOB) leaders are accountable for business outcomes including customer satisfaction, growth, and operational efficiency. And, HR has the responsibility for identifying, supporting, and developing the talent to achieve performance targets. Without an engaged and productive workforce, neither can be successful.

Are HR’s performance metrics aligned with LOB’s performance metrics? Are the talent management and performance management functions in synch with the workforce management function? Can HR and LOB leaders see things from each other’s perspectives? Data and analytics can play an important role in improving collaboration between Line of Business and HR.


  • Benefits of improved collaboration between Line of Business and HR
  • Potential disconnects between Workforce Management and Talent Management
  • Seeing things from each other’s lenses
  • How data, analytics, and proven process improvement methods can help


  • Learn how your bank can create win-win-win for customers satisfaction, employee engagement, and business performance by connecting the dots between LOB and HR
  • Find out how data and analytics can help with talent and workforce optimization
  • Gain insights from experts who work closely with banking executives, LOB, and HR leaders

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Randy Ross

Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics, Inc.

Randy Ross leads global client management and business development for Kiran Analytics. His career has focused on delivering breakthrough results to financial services companies spanning the areas of payments, marketing services, operations, customer management, change management, workforce management, and technology. Leading the teams that deliver Kiran's predictive analytics driven branch transformation solutions, his central focus includes talent acquisition, workforce management, customer experience, and resource optimization.

Randy has been a frequent speaker in Retail Banking and Banking Analytics conferences.

Dave Martin

President, Bankmechanics

Dave Martin is the president of Bankmechanics, a firm dedicated to providing tools to engage, inform, and motivate bankers. As an expert on retail branch and in-store banking, Dave has trained and consulted on-site with over 200 banks in 46 states and Canada over the past 20 years.

Dave Martin's Advantage Letter is one of the longest running newsletters in the banking industry - inspiring thousands of bankers, retailers, and service industry professionals to help their teams succeed. Dave also writes the longest running monthly opinion column for the American Banker publication.

His unique perspectives have made him a frequently featured speaker at retail banking conferences.

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