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Turning Underserved Customers into Well-Served Customers



Victoria Dougherty, Product Director, Fiserv 
Jon Nordhausen, VP Product Strategy, Fiserv


According to the Center for Financial Services Innovation, more than half of American adults struggle financially at least some of the time. To cope, consumers are using alternative sources to meet their financial needs—instead of turning to their trusted bank relationship.

To retain customer relationships and help keep their financial health intact, financial institutions need to empower underserved consumers with tools and services that provide point-in-time awareness and a range of liquidity options designed to help them anticipate and avoid problems. This also provides financial institutions with some needed fee income.

Although offering the right tools and services is a good the start, it’s only part of the equation. Financial institutions need to provide a friendly and approachable environment to their underserved audience, with customer-friendly solutions that fit and expand upon their existing bank relationship. The ultimate goal—turning underserved customers into WELL-SERVED customers.


  1. Data on the underserved market
  2. Solutions available to assist underserved consumers and small businesses
  3. Strategies to bring these solutions to market


  1. Gain an understanding of the current underserved market 
  2. Discover solutions that can assist underserved customers to meet more of their needs at their bank
  3. Learn how to reframe offerings to underserved customers to gain more share of wallet, and ultimately retain the at-risk relationship

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Jon Nordhausen

VP Product Strategy, Fiserv

As a member of the Bank Solutions Product Management team, Jon keeps abreast of changes in the banking industry, especially the account processing and data and analytics functions, to understand the difficulties financial institutions across all segments of the industry encounter. He uses this information to propose investment in account processing and ancillary solutions that address common challenges and bring added value to Fiserv clients.  

Jon has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including management and senior leadership roles in client service and implementation, advisory services, product management and product strategy disciplines. He currently leads a Data & Analytics client council that helps provide insight into key market problems and solution opportunities.

In addition to his Fiserv role, he also serves on the board of the Association of Financial Technology (AFT), whose mission is to be the industry’s premier resource for networking and professional development for companies and executives serving U.S. financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, lenders and payment companies. 

Jon is based out of the Fiserv office in Lincoln, NE, and resides in a nearby community with his wife and two children.

Victoria Dougherty

Director of Product Strategy, Fiserv

Victoria Dougherty, Director of Payment Management Solutions at Fiserv, has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Her expansive background includes management roles at both financial institutions and technology providers. At Fiserv, she is responsible for the Immediate Funds product that makes risk-free accelerated funds availability a reality for forward-thinking financial institutions and their customers.

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