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Considering the ‘Inflection Point’ in Consumer Deposits



Sri Gowd, Senior Director of Services, Nomis Solutions 
Dave Nicholson, Director of Customer Success, Nomis Solutions


Interest rates have steadily risen from prolonged, historic lows and the overall competitive landscape for deposits is intensifying. However, are most consumers noticing, and do they find these deposits yields lucrative enough to prompt action?  Many bankers believe that a broad-based ‘Inflection Point’ in deposits is around the corner and deposit interest rates will start occupying a more central place in the financial planning of many Americans.  How and where bankers choose to respond to the ‘Inflection Point’ question drive significantly more or less profitable deposits portfolio growth. 

During this webinar, deposits professionals Sri Gowd and Dave Nicholson will discuss factors influencing the timing of a broad-based ‘Inflection Point’, including insights from the last rising rate cycle, views into the current competitive environment, and macro supply-and-demand dynamics. They will also share several high-impact visualizations of live customer data and hone in on changes in consumer preferences in choice spaces within consumer deposits portfolios. Finally, they will discuss some tactical bank responses to the ‘Inflection Point’ question.


  1. Drivers of a consumer deposits ‘Inflection Point’
  2. The presence of any clear and measurable shifts in deposits consumer behavior
  3. Insights into alternative approaches for managing rates amidst the shifts in the deposits consumer behavior


  1. Review a framework for considering whether and how an interest rate ‘Inflection Point’ is occurring in the consumer deposits space
  2. Learn about best practices tied to measuring and visualizing shifts in deposit customer behaviors within a deposits portfolio  
  3. Gain actionable strategic and tactical insights into deposits rate management

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Dave Nicholson

Director of Customer Success, Nomis Solutions

Dave Nicholson is the Director of Customer Success within the Deposits practice at Nomis Solutions.  In this capacity, Dave’s key responsibility is to help Nomis clients wield as much value as possible from the messages available within clients’ data.  Prior to joining Nomis, Dave spent 10 years in the financial services industry, holding positions in product management, pricing, marketing analytics and sales process within Bank of America and Union Bank of California.  Dave is a native of North Carolina and holds an MBA from Duke University.

Sri Gowd

Senior Director of Services, Nomis Solutions

Sri is Senior Director of Services at Nomis Solutions, and leads all implementation and delivery teams across the US and Canada. Sri is responsible for managing all aspects of consulting, project delivery, advisory services, and ongoing support across several of the top retail banks in the US and Canada. Prior to his role at Nomis, Sri served as Director of Global Consulting at Fractal Analytics, managing a team of analytic and business resources focused on solving key strategic problems for financial services firms. Prior to Fractal, Sri spent time at Capital One, as well as various roles in management consulting and venture capital. Sri holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Pilani, India.

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