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Avoid Cannibalizing Your Back Book – And Keep Customers Happy



Hank Israel, Director, Novantas

Nick Young, Director, Novantas


When a bank launches a broad-based rate campaign, 85% of the respondents wind up being existing customers – a behavior that cannibalizes low-cost deposits. But when the institution appeals to customers directly, only a fraction of them take the bank up on its offer. There has to be a better way!

Developing strategies to target customers with a propensity to consolidate deposits and/or respond to a direct offer can significantly reduce the marginal cost of funds going forward, however, it requires coordinated engagement of customers through direct channels.

Join Novantas experts as they discuss what you don’t know about customer treatment optimization, the immediate impact it can have on your deposit base, and if you get it right, the strategic benefits for the larger organization in years to come.


  1. Case Study of the Canadian market
  2. The measures and KPIs for success in this new world, such as cost of acquired value
  3. The supporting technology ecosystem required to execute a customer-based strategy

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Hank Israel

Director, Novantas

Hank is a Director at Novantas and brings over 27 years of banking experience across a broad range of capability areas including: commercial and retail payment operations, retail product design and management, retail customer targeting and offer management, and customer level pricing. At Novantas, Hank leads the Marketing Propositions and Products Advisory practice, supporting clients across projects involving product development, customer treatment design, and customer treatment/ experience analytics.

Nick Young

Director of the Solutions Division, Novantas

Nick Young is a Director in the Solutions Division at Novantas where he leads the mortgage solutions practice and product roadmap, and heads international client engagements across lines of business. Nick brings over 15 years of experience in customer analytics, pricing strategy and revenue optimization for financial services around the globe. He is an expert at leveraging deep learning techniques and predictive analytics to transform business processes and reimagine customers’ experiences. During his career, Nick pioneered the use of advanced analytics and big data for mortgage prepayment forecasting and uplift modelling.

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