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The Rise of the Borrower: The Market Shift Towards Consumer-Driven Dealer Finance



Scott Hendriks, Director of Product Management for Auto Originations, Fiserv


"The only thing changing faster than technology is consumer’ expectations*" and both are placing pressure for change on traditional methods of auto finance.  Consumers want transparency and an easier way to finance.  Dealers want to control the transaction to protect profits.  Lenders must find new ways to serve both customers in this market shift towards consumer-driven dealer finance to keep pace.  
*Jeffery Yabuki, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fiserv


  1. Market trends, consumer expectations and the role of the dealer in auto finance today
  2. How to strike a balance between customer engagement, risk management and knowing your customer.
  3. The role of technology and channel in a successful lender delivery model


  1. Gaining insights into an evolving delivery model for auto finance
  2. Understanding lender strategies for including both the consumer and dealer
  3. Access to a Fiserv whitepaper, Building Synergies: Redefining the Auto Lender’s Role in a Market That Still Depends on the Dealership

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Scott Hendriks

Director of Product Management for Auto Originations, Fiserv

Scott Hendriks has over 20 years of experience in the consumer finance industry from both the lender and service provider sides of the business.  He spent 10 years in the mortgage lending, consumer lending and indirect automotive lending segments of the market originating receivables both for prime and non-prime portfolios.  During this time, he worked very closely in many aspects of credit operations including credit management, risk management and compliance.  Since joining Fiserv in 2002, Scott has been very involved in the development of the Auto LOS product and now serves as the Director of Product Management for Auto Originations.

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