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Data Governance to Support Advanced Analytics – What Works and Doesn’t



Kaushik Deka, Chief Technology Officer, Novantas
Darryl Demos, Executive Vice President Solutions, Novantas
Rob Rubin, Director, Novantas
Lynn O'Connor, Group Vice President Enterprise Data Office, M&T Bank
Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank


There is an arms race to harness the power of data and analytics in banking.  Bank challenges range from efficiently gathering and organizing data to delivering intelligence through access to analytics and tools that enable decisions to be made consistently and timely. Based on ongoing Novantas research and conversations with institutions across the US, there is a proven path to success and set of best practices around data governance and data management for banks as they move through various levels of maturity, on their analytical journey.

In this session we will give an overview of the results and an analysis of one-on-one interviews with several banks about their data governance policies and practices. The discussion will focus on how they are using data for analytics and their overall strategies for managing data and prioritizing use cases.


  1.  A closer look at data governance: level setting the scope and role for banks once and for all.
  2. Challenges and opportunities banks are facing to achieve “single source of truth/multiple versions of truth” data and information architectures.
  3. Top signals your data and analytics journey is “off track” and how to course correct.
  4. Practical strategies and examples to advance analytics capabilities.


  1. Benchmark your institution’s “analytic maturity level” and strategies to evolve to higher levels.
  2. Learn how different institutions have tackled data governance to improve the quality of internal data. 
  3. Listen to use-case examples of “quick wins” that various banks have done to improve data governance and leverage analytics for decision-support.

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Kaushik Deka

Director, Novantas

Kaushik is the CTO of Novantas Solutions and is responsible for the technology roadmap and product development of five different SaaS-based decision support products for banking built on a modern, enterprise, services oriented big data platform as well as an award-winning analytical workbench for customer science. Kaushik has over 15 years of experience as a technology architect and seasoned R&D manager of integrated BI/analytical platforms for financial services. He holds multiple patents on data architecture, business process workflow automation and optimization, and is an IEEE published author of forecasting methodologies in financial services and computer networking.

Darryl Demos

Executive Vice President, Novantas, Inc.

Darryl Demos is an Executive Vice President at Novantas, Inc., where he leads the Analytical Solutions business unit. He is an experienced technology executive and consultant, with more than 20 years of executive leadership. Darryl has a track record of helping software and consulting companies integrate to deliver unique value propositions for clients, and has pioneered numerous data and technology solutions geared toward increasing bank performance.

Rob Rubin

Director, Novantas, Inc.

Rob Rubin is a Director at Novantas in the Solutions Business Unit.  Rob applies his 30+ years of experience as a technology thought leader and industry expert to help retail banks achieve seamless, enterprise-wide decision-making.  Throughout his career as a consultant, analyst and entrepreneur, Rob has worked with banks leaders in their evaluation and adoption of new technology. Rob collaborates with CTOs and CDOs to prioritize their analytics roadmaps, access efficacy of current projects and ensure technology is delivering bottom-line results.  Rob joined Novantas in 2012 when Novantas acquired the research business he founded in 2005. Rob also spent 8 years at Forrester Research, launching several research services to understand how technology changes behavior.  Rob is a featured speaker at leading industry events, has been widely quoted in national and trade press, and has appeared on TV networks such as ABC and CNN.

Lynn O'Connor

Group Vice President Enterprise Data Office, M&T Bank

Lynn is a Group Vice President at M&T Bank, within the Enterprise Data Office overseeing Master Data Management and an Enterprise-wide Data Governance Program. 

Lynn started her career at M&T in 1998 within the Marketing & Communications department. In 2015, she moved to the newly created Enterprise Data Office and is sponsor of a Customer 360 technology initiative and Bank-wide Data Governance program.   

Allison Sagraves

Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank

Allison Sagraves is the Chief Data Officer for M&T Bank, a role she assumed in 2015. Allison’s role is to ensure that as one of the most valuable assets - data - is actively managed on an enterprise level for its value to be realized to reduce risk, improve quality and efficiency, and drive insight through new sources of value. Allison joined M&T Bank after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1991. During her tenure at M&T Bank, Allison has held leadership roles in many functions – operations management, technology, finance, marketing, and risk. Allison established the Bank’s international outsourcing operations. Prior to obtaining her MBA, Allison worked for American Express, Deloitte, Federal Reserve, and International Paper where she worked in consulting, operations and process improvement, finance, and m&a.  

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