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Millennials: The Great Disrupters?



Michael Marx, Senior Director, Visa Inc.


A good deal has been written and discussed over this massive generation of 80 million consumers in the US.  As it turns out the data show that a good deal of what has been claimed about Millennials is not truth, but in fact, myth.  This presentation will cover a holistic view of the segment designed to provide accurate guidance in reaching this segment most effectively in communications and channels, financial services product design, and how to match servicing protocols with the way this segment wishes to interact with the entities with which they deal. 

To accomplish this a number of issues will be addressed in depth including how optimistic Millennials are today and how they see their futures, their uses of technology and how this differs from that of other generations, both older and younger, how Millennials wish to be communicated to, and to what extent are Millennials disrupting the financial services landscape today and in the future.  The summary will point to actionable insights to maximize acquisition, activation and retention effects that ultimately will grow profits for your institution.


  1. Brief demographic overview of the Millennial segment
  2. The Millennial mindset—the return to positivity
  3. Millennials and their interactions with technology
  4. Millennials and their commerce and payments activity
  5. Millennials as disruptors in the financial and payments ecosystem


  1. Better understand how Millennials are shaping the marketplace and presenting a massive opportunity for sales
  2. Get tactical thought-starters to maximize effectiveness in communicating, servicing and designing financial services for the Millennial segment
  3. Provide guidance in the most efficient allocation of resources to attract and retain the business of Millennials

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Michael Marx

Senior Director, Global Human Insights, Visa

Michael Marx is currently Senior Director of Visa Inc. Global Human Insights. In this capacity, Mr. Marx is responsible for consulting and communicating with Visa payment card issuing clients and accepting merchants on all aspects of intelligence including market research, market intelligence, competitive intelligence and consumer trends that are ultimately relevant to the payments business.

Mr. Marx is a frequent speaker at industry conferences where he discusses key segments of the population who will drive the payments business going forward as well as ground-breaking Visa research efforts that contribute to the furtherance of its partners’ business.

Prior to joining Visa in 1996, Mr. Marx served for 11 years as manager of the corporate market research function at Wells Fargo. He has also held research positions at Clorox and Market Facts.

Mr. Marx holds a B.A. in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an M.A. in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania.

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