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Operationalizing Your Price Optimization Strategy


Mark Heslop, VP of Product Management, Nomis Solutions


If a pricing strategy happens in the back office and no one on the front line executes it, does it really make a sound investment? How can a pricing strategy be customer-centric if it doesn’t gather data at customer touchpoints? Most banks fail to get the full value of analytical investments like price optimization and behavioral segmentation because they relegate them to the back office.

This webinar offers actionable advice for operationalizing your pricing strategy to increase take-up rates by making customer interactions a win-win for your clients and your bank. Attendees will learn best practices for reaching strategic goals by incorporating price sensitivity, risk, and relationship data into a holistic pricing strategy and how to execute that strategy in multiple channels. The session will also expose how the data banks fail to capture during customer interactions is affecting their bottom lines.


  1. Developing an enterprise approach to pricing that is flexible enough to account for the needs of multiple verticals
  2. Understanding the role of pricing in building offer intelligence that delivers value to customers and stockholders
  3. Creating a customer-centric data asset that reflects real-time customer interactions across all customer touchpoints


  1. Drive sales enablement and customer experience by extracting maximum value from data assets in a closed-loop process
  2. Learn practical steps for breaking down data silos and integrating key systems such as campaign management
  3. Refine offers using customer intelligence and empower client-facing employees in every channel to increase sales effectiveness

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Mark Heslop

VP of Product Management, Nomis Solutions

Mark is responsible for the development of Nomis’ market-leading pricing & profitability management platform and solution suite. Mark has a passion for product management and product marketing and has been focused on building and launching big data and analytical solutions in the FinTech industry for the last 8 years.

He started his career developing an analytical solution to assess the impact of the web and social media on public relations before spending over 7 years as a product manager overseeing the development of a catastrophe risk management platform at Risk Management Solutions. Mark has a Masters in Astro Physics from Durham University in the United Kingdom.

In his free time Mark enjoys spending time relaxing in Napa Valley, traveling the world, and networking in the Bay Area with budding entrepreneurs, techies, and business innovators.

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