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5 Retail Banking Challenges Ahead in 2018 (and How to Overcome Them)



Steve Nikitas, Senior Strategy Director, Harland Clarke


Is your institution up-to-date on the latest banking trends shaping the industry? Between regulatory changes, technological advances, and changing account holder behaviors, it can be hard for a financial institution to stay on top of industry advancements and most importantly, how they impact the business and the account holder. 

With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to learn about what everyone in financial services will be talking about – and watching for –in 2018. During this webinar, Harland Clarke’s Steve Nikitas will identify the most important trends impacting banking today, the unique challenges they present for financial institutions, and help attendees better understand how to overcome these challenges for a more profitable 2018. 


  1. The industry implications of the current rate environment
  2. How banks can best get a handle on government, regulatory and compliance rules
  3. The viability of omni channel touchpoints and mobile banking within the industry
  4. Top ways banks can learn how their account holders really feel 


Attendees will leave this webcast with

  1. A clear understanding of what lies ahead for financial services in 2018
  2. Key strategic initiatives to implement in order to overcome potential challenges this year
  3. Fresh ideas on how to both reach and connect with core customer demographics

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Steve Nikitas

Senior Strategy Director, Harland Clarke

Steve Nikitas joined Harland Clarke in October 2010 and has more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, public relations and executive speechwriting. He has been a senior executive at financial institutions in New York, California and Massachusetts, developing and implementing sales and marketing programs that resulted in significant growth rates in loans, deposits and accounts.

As senior strategist with Harland Clarke Marketing Services, Steve provides consultative services to banks and credit unions, helping them craft marketing and retail strategies and campaigns to take advantage of existing market and financial conditions and to grow targeted portfolios.

Steve speaks on a variety of topics aimed at helping financial institutions grow and prosper, including loan portfolio growth, account holder retention, and turning regulatory issues into opportunities. Steve holds an M.B.A. from Clark University, an M.Ed. from Fitchburg State College and a B.A. from Boston University. 

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