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Aligning Risk Constraints and Marketing Objectives to Drive the Right Customer Offers


Matt Stanley, Global Segment Leader, Custom Analytics & Applied Optimization
Sonja Clark, Senior Consultant, Applied Optimization


Often the Risk and Marketing departments are at odds in banking decisions - Marketing wants to grow revenue and bring in new customers, while Risk wants to make sure those offers are not introducing losses.  Hear an analytic success story that brings together Risk and Marketing to simultaneously evaluate risk and customer affinity to discover profitable marketing strategies.  Whether you need to mine your existing customer base for proactive cross-sell campaigns or maximize your budget for lead purchase, you can calibrate your marketing with analytic insight tempered with business control.


  1. Current challenges in marketing for banks
  2. How analytics unite risk and marketing in responsible growth
  3. Options for marketing innovation

Sonja Clark

Senior Consultant, Applied Optimization

As a Senior Consultant in FICO’s Applied Optimization Practice, Sonja Clark has global responsibility for sales and marketing of FICO’s Decision Optimization solutions.

Sonja joined FICO in 2010 as a data scientist, assisting and subsequently managing the delivery of complex predictive and prescriptive analytic solutions for clients throughout North and South America.  Her delivery work includes optimizing the credit limits for the majority of Canada’s credit card portfolios, leading to tens of millions of dollars of incremental profit and balance growth without incremental risk.  In addition, Sonja led the delivery of the Toyota Financial Service’s award-winning Collections Treatment Optimization solution that has kept 1600 customers in their cars and avoided millions in losses as a result of applying the optimal contact for each delinquent customer. Sonja holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Michigan, and undergraduate degrees in mathematics and psychology.  Prior to joining FICO, Sonja worked for the US Census Bureau in Washington, DC.

Matt Stanley

Global Segment Leader, Custom Analytics & Applied Optimization

Matt Stanley has global responsible for sales and marketing of FICO’s custom analytic services and analytic tools, including Decision Optimizer, Xpress Optimization, Model Builder, and Scorecard Professional. Matt joined FICO in 1999 as a statistician. His first 4 years at FICO were split between developing new analytic products and delivering custom analytics for clients. His client work includes risk, attrition, and profitability modeling as well as optimization projects spanning decision areas such as credit line management, marketing, fraud, and retention. He subsequently spent 2 years in Analytic Product Management and then led Analytic Pre-Sales for 2 years. Since 2007, Matt has held various sales roles.

Matt holds a Master’s degree in Economics with an emphasis in econometrics and game theory. Prior to joining FICO, Matt taught economics at San Francisco State University.

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