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Checking the Pulse of the Home Equity Market: A 2018 Midyear Update



Shaun A. Richardson – Senior Vice President – ICON


Rising consumer confidence, record U.S. household net worth, continued home price appreciation creating record tappable equity, and rising mortgage rates all line up for a strong Home Equity market.  However, through the first half of 2018, on a national level, consumer demand for new Home Equity lines and loans has decreased.  At the same time, portfolio balances have continued to decline.  All of this has caused many Home Equity lenders to create more holistic and integrated strategies throughout the entire lifecycle of an account.

In this midyear market update, ICON will provide valuable industry insights based on near real-time origination and portfolio market data along with feedback from ongoing engagements with clients as they apply these insights to their Home Equity strategies.  The discussion will focus on the origination behavior, product and geographic performance, operational trends, and portfolio performance of Home Equity lines and loans.


  1. Originations Performance YTD – consumer demand, booked volume, risk mix, and operations
  2. Portfolio Balance Behavior – Runoff trends, large paydown/attrition analysis, recent vintage performance, impact of promotional rates on balances
  3. A Balance Positive Home Equity – an update to the model presented at CBA Live which analyzes when Home Equity balances start to grow again

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Shaun Richardson

Senior Vice President, Informa Financial Intelligence

Shaun joined Informa Financial Intelligence in 2018 through its acquisition of ICON Advisory Group. In his role as Senior Vice President, he leads the Benchmarking and Applied Analytics Group.  Shaun served as Senior Vice President with ICON from 2005 - 2018 where he was responsible for all analytical offerings across mortgage and consumer lending.  He worked closely with clients to ensure their success consuming insights built upon competitive pricing, originations transactions, and portfolio account data. Prior to joining ICON, Shaun spent 10 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies focused on business strategy and analytics.  He has an M.S. degree in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences from Texas Tech University. Shaun enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two incredible daughters.

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