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Consumer Spending Patterns: What Your Institution Needs to Know

Recorded On: 11/10/2016


Sarah Quinlan, SVP, Mastercard Advisors


Learn how aggregated transaction data, analytics, and algorithms will help your institution better understand your cardholders' needs.

This session provides analysis into consumer spending patterns overall, by region, channel, and sector. These insights help institutions benchmark their business and develop strategy to improve performance.


  1. How healthy is the U.S. consumer? - Where are they spending and how has that changed?
  2. What impact does change in consumer spending have on the US economy?
  3. An analysis of changes in consumer confidence, regional employment, wages, housing markets, debt and demographic factors affecting consumer spending on goods and experiences and how to positively translate this for your business.


  1. Obtain a sense of the "voice of the customer" from Mastercard, and, more importantly, learn how to apply similar methodology to your own portfolio
  2. Understand how consumer purchase behavior is influenced by changes in the economy, the market, and technology
  3. Understand how to tweak your strategy to improve portfolio performance based upon the latest consumer spend trends

Sarah Quinlan

SVP, MasterCard Advisors

Sarah Quinlan is the Senior Vice President and Group Head of Market Insights for MasterCard Advisors, the analytics and insights consulting unit of MasterCard. Providing macro-to-micro economic trends related to consumer spending and retail sales, Sarah advises executives across industries, including retail, banking, capital markets and government agencies. She and her team analyze and predict spending patterns, based on the billions of anonymous purchases MasterCard processes every year, to create solutions that help clients make better business decisions.

Sarah is widely recognized as an expert in her field and appears regularly in the media. Prior to joining MasterCard Advisors in 2013, Sarah spent 28 years in the capital markets as an investment banker, portfolio manager and hedge fund manager. Sarah received her BA and MBA from the University of Chicago in Politics, Economics, Rhetoric and Law with Special Honors and in Finance and Accounting, respectively.

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