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Critical Considerations to Enable Effective Fraud Management



Andrew Davies, VP, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management


The fraud ecosystem continues to evolve at record pace, and while new technologies and new channels increase opportunities for engagement, they also bring new opportunities for fraud. As customer expectations for real-time, omni-channel engagement continue to rise, financial institutions must adapt their approach, not only to protect themselves from fraud, but to provide their customers with fast, safe and reliable banking services that fit with the pace of their lives.

We will discuss drivers and trends in the market, strategic considerations for development of effective fraud mitigation, and how key technologies and best practices can combine to combat fraud.


  1. Drivers and trends in the fraud marketplace
  2. Key strategic considerations for fraud mitigation
  3. The evolution of payment fraud detection technologies and best practices


  1. Learn first-hand from a recognized industry expert
  2. Gain awareness of critical activities every organization should consider for effective fraud management
  3. Be better equipped to understand solutions to combat ever-evolving fraud threats

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Andrew Davies

VP, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management

In his role, Andrew works with Fiserv clients around the world to design and deploy effective risk management solutions to mitigate financial crime risks with particular focus on payment fraud, compliance and money laundering. He is also responsible for seeking new markets and applications for Fiserv financial crime detection and prevention solutions.

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