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Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler for Banks



Dr. Phyllis A. Schneck, Managing Director and Leader of Cyber Solutions

Judith Pinto, Managing Director


This webinar will provide an overview of the cybersecurity environment banks face. It will discuss the actions banks can take to build more robust cybersecurity programs that enhance their resilience, educate consumers, and enable a more efficient and customer-friendly experience. The webinar will discuss cybersecurity strategies, challenges, and decisions; interactions with private-sector and government organizations to share information; and the people, policy, and technology best practices that lead to successful cybersecurity programs.


  1. Overview of the current cybersecurity threats landscape and how that affects banks
  2. Cyber resilience – What does this mean?
  3. “Going cloud”:  decision, risk management, how it may affect customer experience


 1.   Better understand how to achieve cyber resilience in the current threat environment

2.   Learn some best practice behaviors of successful cybersecurity programs

3.   Learn how to extend risk management activities to the cloud

4.    Focus cybersecurity on making a better business and a better bank as you integrate resilience and operations

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Dr. Phyllis A. Schneck

Managing Director and Leader of Cyber Solutions

She joined Promontory from the Department of Homeland Security, where she served as the deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications and led responses to cybersecurity threats against corporations, civilians, and the government. During her DHS tenure, Phyllis led the defensive cybersecurity operational mission to mitigate and respond to cyberthreats across the federal civilian government and private sector. She supported the department’s mission of strengthening the security and resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure, working with all areas of the department, government agencies, law enforcement, and the private sector. Phyllis led the transformation of signature technology applying analytics to the central cyber protection that the DHS provides to civilian agencies.

Prior to the DHS, Phyllis served as chief technology officer for the global public sector at McAfee, where she was responsible for products and services used by governments to counter global cyberthreats and maintain industrial and telecommunications security. She also led the development of the firm’s crowdsourced real-time cyberthreat intelligence and analytics used to protect critical infrastructure, played a key role in developing McAfee’s cybersecurity policy position, and on several occasions testified before Congress on cybersecurity technology and policy.

Phyllis was a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ commission that advised President Barack Obama on cybersecurity. She was chairman of the board of directors of the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, a partnership between corporations, government, and law enforcement for using cyber analysis to combat international cybercrime. Phyllis was also vice chairman of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s advisory board on information security and privacy, and she served for eight years as national chairman of the board of directors of the FBI’s public-private InfraGard program. She has briefed and worked with several foreign governments to form partnerships with the U.S. for information sharing, infrastructure protection, and cybersecurity. Phyllis holds several information-security and technology patents.

Judith Pinto

Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company

Prior to joining Promontory, she spent nearly 10 years at Goldman Sachs, where she served, most recently, as global co-head of business information risk. She led a global team in the design and firmwide implementation of information-security strategies, conducted comprehensive risk assessments, and oversaw mitigation planning related to critical third parties, global systems, and software. She was a primary contact in Goldman’s dealings with U.S. and Mexican bank regulators on matters related to business continuity and information security. She also played a key role in application security, privilege management, and data privacy. She previously served as Goldman’s head of business continuity in the Americas. Earlier in her career, Judith spent more than 15 years in management consulting, delivering complex technology-management programs for large corporate and U.S. government clients.


10/18/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
10/18/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.