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Delivering a Best-in-Class Digital Transition Experience to Consumer and Business Clients



Kevin Connelly, President and Founder of BancOn Technologies


Few events impact more customers, more acutely, than digital conversions and upgrades. Unfortunately, too often, banks are so focused on “getting it right” from the technology perspective, the customer experience — ensuring the customer is ready for and feels good about the change — often doesn’t get the critical attention it deserves.

This webcast offers a proactive, pragmatic and always-on approach to managing the customer experience during digital banking conversions. This webcast will present a viable roadmap for success, drawing on Harland Clarke’s extensive experience and industry-leading best practices, which puts the customer experience at the center of the digital conversion journey, from awareness and implementation to full adoption and optimal utilization.

It is time for institutions to embrace every digital interaction as a moment of opportunity to engage and delight customers. The rewards? A seamless and superior experience for your institution, your employees, your customers, and more — increased customer retention, more business referrals and improved buying propensity. With so much as stake, this webcast is one you won’t want to miss.


  • Top customer experience tenants for successful digital platform conversions
  • Industry best practices for readiness, conversion and ongoing optimization
  • How to turn high-impact change events into high-value customer experiences


  • How to design unique, optimal customer experience journeys for consumers, small business and commercial clients
  • Learn the fundamentals of scheduling, user segmentation and proactive customer engagement and support
  • Gain new insight into the resources, processes and dependencies required to deliver a quality transition experience

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Kevin H. Connelly

President and Founder of BancOn Technologies

Kevin is President and Founder of Bancon Technologies, LLC a value-added provider of client experience advisory services and innovative technology solutions to the Financial Services Industry. Bancon works closely with Harland Clarke in developing and delivering leading engagement solutions to commercial and community banks and credit unions nationwide. 

Previously, Kevin founded Treasury Technologies, LLC, an industry leading provider of next generation payment systems and was also Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Financial Services Group at Trintech, a financial software solution company based in Dallas. 
Kevin has spent the last 35 years working in the Financial Institution and Payment System Industries, including as Senior Vice President and Manager of the Treasury Services Division at Commerce Bank, Managing Principal and Director of Business Development at Carreker Corporation, a Dallas based bank software and consulting firm (now Fiserv) and well as a variety of roles at Bank of California (now Union Bank), First Interstate Bank, Ltd (now Wells Fargo Bank), Coast Savings (now JPMorgan Chase) and Glendale Federal Bank (now Citibank). 
Kevin has presented at numerous BAI, AFP, NACHA and other industry conferences and was a presenter on corporate bank relations and cash forecasting for 10 years for the American Management Association Corporate Cash Management course.  He is the author of two chapters on Commercial Deposit Re-engineering in the Corporate Cash Management Handbook, the definitive reference manual in the payment systems industry. He also a co-patent holder of an innovative web-based payment system application, DTS Connex TM used by over 40,000 retail locations nationwide. 
Kevin earned his B.B.A in Finance at the R.O. Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. 

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