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Does The Average Digital Banking User Really Know What They Want



Heather Sugg – William Mills Agency – Moderator
Jeff Marshall – CTO, D3 Banking Technology
Ken Paterson – Research Director, Mercator Advisory Group
Micheal Carter – EVP, Digital Banking, Strategic Resource Management


Though most likely apocryphal, Henry Ford is purported to have said, ""If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." 

Recent Harris/Nielsen research exploring consumer satisfaction with their experience using online and mobile banking shows ongoing dissatisfaction with the digital experience offered by financial institutions. It may be time to ask “Does the digital banking consumer really know what they want?”

Ken Paterson, Director, Customer Interaction Advisory Service at Mercator, Jeff Marshall, CTO, D3 Banking Technology and Michael Carter, EVP, Digital Banking, Strategic Resource Management will offer some possible answers to this question.  

In addition, the group will discuss how the convergence of innovation - e.g., voice-driven interfaces, biometrics and artificial intelligence – will shape the way financial services are provided to consumers in the future and what financial institutions can do today to prepare.


  1. The results from a proprietary survey by a national research firm on consumer satisfaction with online and mobile banking.
  2. The manner in which these findings can be integrated into the digital banking strategies of financial institutions in order to position themselves for coming innovations.  
  3. The instance where the convergence of technology with consumer expectations could radically transform the digital experience of the end user.


  1. Access to some of the most recent data concerning how consumers view the online and mobile banking services of their financial institutions.
  2. Insights into how this data can point beyond the boundaries of today’s digital banking strategies toward a radically different future for such services.
  3. Input on how financial institutions can integrate emerging technologies into the digital banking strategies to achieve a competitive advantage now and in the future.
  4. Attendees of the webinar will receive an executive summary of the research as well as any presentation material used.

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Heather Sugg (Moderator)

William Mills Agency

Jeff Marshall

CTO, D3 Banking Technology

Ken Paterson

Research Director, Mercator Advisory Group

Michael Carter

EVP, Digital Banking, Strategic Resource Management

Michael Carter has more than 20 years of executive technology leadership ranging from early-stage start-ups to international organizations. He has worked closely with chief executives and investors to help niche software companies through IPOs, R&D, acquisitions, corporate launches and international branding. He was the co-founder of mobile payment start up and founder of an alternative energy company. 

Carter’s career in financial services stretches over 25 years. His executive management career as Vice President ACI where he served as a member of the executive team responsible for the company’s two successful IPOs.  In addition, at ACI, Carter also serve as the Investor Relations Officer, Vice President – Product Development, Management and Marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Managing Director of ACI’s IBM software business unit, and Chief Operating Officer of the company’s wire transfer software unit.

After ACI, Carter served as Vice President of the S1 Corporation where he was responsible for transforming a multi-branded holding company into a single brand supported by a global marketing organization.  Carter and his team established a marketing operations discipline at S! that measured the effectiveness of the organizations marketing throughout the world. 

He has been a consultant to several financial services and technology companies primarily assisting C-level executives with strategic plans for corporate development, market selection and segmentation, market valuations, product/solution definition, developing market delivery, establishing recurring revenue business models, and other areas associated with growth initiatives.  Carter also serves as an advisory to financial technology companies. 

Today, Carter is an Executive Vice President at Strategic Resource Management where he is responsible for providing subject matter expertise on disruptive technologies in payments and digital banking.  Carter also leads the firm’s development and launch of its AI-powered software products. 

Carter’s consulting with a large and diverse group of firms has allowed him to develop subject matter expertise around technology advancements in payments, digital banking, and software development as well as testing. He has been featured as a speaker at Finovate, NetFinance, NetFinance Interactive, CBA Live and Future Digital Finance. 

He is regularly quoted in the media regarding trends in payments, mobile wallets, consumer experience, digital banking strategies, Millennials, data analytics, P2P payments, bill pay, and banking as a platform.  Carter also contributes content as a guest writer in industry publications and as a featured guest on podcasts.  

Carter is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and earned his master’s degree from Emory University. He has lived and worked overseas and currently splits his time between a home in the southern Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina and the capital of the Mississippi Delta, Memphis, Tennessee.  His wife is a retired social worker and social policy lobbyist who writes children’s books.  

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