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Forget Personal; Think Personalized Banking



Tyler Woulfe, BCG
Silvio Palumbo, BCG


Banks used to be masters of customer segmentation. Not anymore. They have been overtaken by digital natives, technology companies and start-ups, which have moved past splitting customers into groups to put personalization at the center of the business, achieving big performance gains in the process. Banks can do the same, but they need a new approach and a fresh strategic agenda. Personalization is a paradigm shift in customer engagement, in which companies respond to customer needs on a one-to-one basis and are equipped to learn and adapt over time.

Join BCG Experts to learn best practices in embarking on the personalization journey to transform banking and create higher sales and a reduction in churn, alongside increased customer engagement.


  1. An introduction to Personalization and its importance now
  2. A vision for Personalization in Retail Banking
  3. The "Personalization stack"


  1. Understand the imperative for Personalization in banking
  2. Understand (with examples) how Personalization can reshape the entire customer experience 
  3. Understand the components required to deliver a successful Personalization program

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Tyler Woulfe

Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Tyler Woulfe is a Principal with the Boston Consulting Group, based in San Francisco. He is a Lead member of BCG’s Financial Institutions practice, with expertise across banking, asset and wealth management, and insurance. His work focuses on supporting senior leaders in designing and executing solutions to major strategic challenges, with a particular focus on digital and analytics.

Silvio Palumbo

NY Partner and Managing Director, BCG Gamma

Silvio Palumbo a NY Partner and Managing Director with BCG Gamma, the advanced analytics arm of BCG; Silvio is the analytics lead of the Personalization practice in North America, and specializes in developing AI-driven marketing platforms in the context of large-scale digital transformations

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