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From Insights to Action: The Retail Lending Lessons in Your Facebook Feed



Rutger van Faassen, VP of Lending Nomis Solutions


Just like most banks, companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have collected vast stores of data about consumer financial behavior. The difference is that these companies have unlocked that data to drive meaningful, context-centric customer interactions and build empires. Despite their deep customer relationships, many banks struggle to apply their insights about consumer needs and preferences with real-time, targeted customer communication and offers, often because they are constrained by complex legacy systems and approaches. This challenge becomes even more menacing as consumer platform companies signal their interest in financial services. 

How can banks turn data-derived insights into pro-active customer engagement strategies that align with changed consumer expectations and prevent loss of market share to non-traditional market disruptors? This session provides actionable advice for creating a streamlined infrastructure that connects central data analytics and in-the-moment customer interactions. Attendees will be presented with a fresh approach to pricing and offers that allows banks to leverage both hard-data analytics and their relative advantage in “soft” data gained through human interactions to deliver outstanding responsiveness to the right customer with right product at the right time, and in the right channel.


  1. An in-depth illustration of the difficulties facing retail lenders in integrating analytics in a proactive way into their product offerings to customers, including the threat posed by platform companies.
  2. A step-by-step guide for overcoming the challenges of legacy systems to produce more pro-active, intelligent, and relevant communication to deliver context-centric product offers at the right price.
  3. An overview of the criteria that comprise an advanced pricing platform (APP) that leverages the best features of the platform companies’ use of hard data in conjunction with banks’ deep customer relationships to revolutionize the value banks generate for their customers


  1. Improve business processes, communications, and customer experience by combining pricing science, data analytics, and banking best practices.
  2. Outperform retail lenders through insight into platform companies’ current and likely inroads in financial services and how lenders should prepare.
  3. Learn how to not only effectively compete against the platform companies, but steal significant market share from laggard banks by leverage incumbent relationships, data, expertise, and technology usually associated with platform giants.

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Rutger van Faassen

Vice President of Lending, Nomis Solutions

As VP of Lending, Rutger works with clients to implement best-in-class pricing and profitability management tools and business processes. He brings broad experience in international retail lending to Nomis clients. 

Prior to joining Nomis in 2008, Rutger was a Vice President at ABN AMRO Mortgage Group responsible for strategy definition for Correspondent Lending. During his ten years at ABN AMRO Rutger was also responsible for setting up mortgage businesses in different European markets. 

At Nomis, Rutger has successfully been helping lenders globally implement price optimization solutions that generate proven benefits.

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