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Household Acquisition: 3 Best Practices for Planning Your Next Marketing Campaign

Recorded On: 10/12/2017



Steve Nikitas, Senior Strategy Director, Harland Clarke
Rachel Stephens, Product Manager, Marketing Solutions, Harland Clarke


In today’s highly competitive environment growing households and core deposits is more important for financial institutions than ever, but how can you ensure your next campaign is as targeted – and successful – as possible?

During this webinar participants will receive an education in planning an effective acquisition marketing campaign: from strategy, to design, implementation, reporting and beyond. Attendees will also learn the top best practices on how to make their next campaign more effective, less wasteful, and incredibly enticing to audiences.


  1. How to ensure your institution is enabled for generational marketing
  2. What creates a highly optimized and focused acquisition campaign
  3. Designing a campaign with high engagement in mind


Attendees will learn:

  1. How to combat waste during an acquisition campaign
  2. The most important questions to ask when designing the campaign
  3. How financial institutions can ensure the best ROMI

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Stephen Nikitas

Senior Market Strategist, Harland Clarke

Stephen Nikitas holds more than 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, marketing, public relations and executive speechwriting.  As senior strategist with Harland Clarke Marketing Solutions, Stephen provides consultative services to banks and credit unions, helping them craft marketing and retail strategies and campaigns to take advantage of existing market and financial conditions and to grow targeted portfolios. Stephen speaks on a variety of topics aimed at helping financial institutions grow and prosper, including loan portfolio growth, account holder retention, and turning regulatory issues into opportunities.

Rachel Stephens

Product Manager, Marketing Solutions, Harland Clarke

Rachel Stephens joined the Harland Clarke team in August 2016 and brought with her 10 years of experience marketing products and services for financial institutions.

She has worked on various lines of business within the financial services industry including consumer, small business, commercial, private wealth, investment and institutional banking. She has extensive knowledge in campaign development, marketing strategy, event management, public relations, customer service and sales.

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