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How to Gain Unique, Data-Driven Insights to Enhance Transformational Change Across Branch Networks and Throughout Your Organization



Paula Quintana, President and CEO, Altus Ars Consulting

Randy Ross, Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics



Most financial institutions have common issues in the need to drive commercial results, to acquire, develop and retain talent for today and tomorrow and meet client needs in a rapidly changing environment.  By using a strong fact base and advanced analytics, some organizations are finding a competitive advantage in engaging across and up and down the organization driving engagement and performance while preparing their workforce for the future.  By clearly understanding what happens today in branch networks, how customers are engaging, and how colleagues are spending their time, financial institutions can make informed decisions allowing for faster transformation with fewer costly mistakes.  Given the branch is still the channel of choice for customers during key buying decisions or when they have problems that need to be resolved, we’ll discuss how better data can drive stronger decision making and how this can extend beyond branch-specific actions into wider company actions - driving lower cost, improved customer satisfaction, and stronger revenue. 



  1. Using information from field studies and advanced analytics to define strategy for branches and beyond.
  2. Use of cross-functional teams to drive key initiatives and business performance tied to what really matters based on a field study and workforce planning. 
  3. Benefits of involving frontline staff in process re-engineering/agile change - including increased revenue, higher colleague engagement, and retention and skills training for the future. 
  4. Use of centers of excellence and/or live labs to train leaders and frontline teams to create vision and excitement as well as adherence. 


Ideas of how to use a fact base (including field studies) to drive strategy

  1. Real life examples of how organizations have used cross-functional teams to drive performance, increase engagement, and grow skill sets.
  2. Hear specific examples of how centers of excellence created a pull model from frontline teams and improved decision making and trust of executive leaders.
  3. Overview of the process and methods to gain key insights to increase transformation effectiveness.

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Paula Quintana

President and CEO, Altus Ars Consulting

Paula is a 30 year Financial Services veteran with wide ranging global business expertise.  She has a consistent track record of delivering within complex multichannel/multi-brand international businesses in both distribution and operations and is highly experienced in governance as well as strategy development and operational implementation, delivered through strong engagement with customers and colleagues and an understanding of key end-to-end processes.

Paula founded Altus Ars Consulting in 2017, bringing practical experience based Consulting, Advisory and Executive Coaching to global Financial Services companies and Service Partners.  Prior to founding her consulting firm, Paula held the dual role of Chief Operating Officer - Retail Banking and Wealth Management, UK and Europe alongside Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management International for HSBC.

Across her career Paula has maintained an avid interest in leadership development and talent building. She dedicates time to coaching and mentoring, with a particular focus on the development of female talent, having been an active leader and member of Women’s Networks at both Barclays and HSBC.

Randy Ross

Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics, Inc.

Randy Ross leads global client management and business development for Kiran Analytics. His career has focused on delivering breakthrough results to financial services companies spanning the areas of payments, marketing services, operations, customer management, change management, workforce management, and technology. Leading the teams that deliver Kiran's predictive analytics driven branch transformation solutions, his central focus includes talent acquisition, workforce management, customer experience, and resource optimization.

Randy has been a frequent speaker in Retail Banking and Banking Analytics conferences.


11/01/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
11/01/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.