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Implementing a Long Term Digital Banking Strategy


Kevin C. Karrels - Senior Vice President, Digital Channel Strategy Executive, First Tennessee Bank


This webinar features Kevin Karrels, Senior Vice President and Digital Channel Strategy Executive at First Tennessee Bank. With disruption a fully-formed phenomenon in the banking industry driven by consumers in search of technology that can deliver convenience and simplicity. In the coming year regional, midsize, and community banks must begin to get their digital houses in order or risk losing customers to the largest institutions that are implementing and sustaining long term digital banking strategies.  Thanks to the emerging technology in the digital banking space, it is possible for these banks to take the actions necessary to become competitive.  Kevin Karrels will provide practical, relevant roadmap for achieving this goal.


  1. Classifying and vetting your vendor options.
  2. Identifying the minimum viable feature set for a long term strategy.
  3. Determining the implementation strategy that best fits your institution.


  1. Pragmatic, applicable insights to use in responding to the digital transformation in banking.
  2. Specific suggestions concerning the foundational requirements to sustain a long term digital banking strategy.
  3. Guidance based on experience about the challenges and opportunities when implementing the elements critical for a successful digital banking strategy.

Kevin Karrels

Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy Executive

Kevin is a proud graduate of Auburn University and 18 year veteran at First Tennessee Bank, headquartered in Memphis, TN.  His 18 year career has spanned across many functions within the retail and consumer bank organization.  Starting his career within the branches he still uses those customer interactions to shape his strategies.  Over the last 7 years Kevin has been focused on bank strategy and changing customer preferences.  First in his role as Retail Segment Leader and now in his role as Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy Executive he has focused on the customer journey and the preferred channels.  As Retail Segment Leader he began the transition to concierge banking at First Tennessee, making the customer interaction more personal and more efficient.  He also led a change in how employees interact with the customer and changed the definition of a successful center.  Kevin also served on the innovation council within First Tennessee Bank during his tenor as Retail Segment Leader.  This experience led Kevin to accepting the new opportunity as the Digital Strategy Executive 4 years ago.  Kevin inherited an out of date and disjointed digital channel.  His first step was to replace the aging and complex online banking system with a new platform that would allow for a unified, competitive, and highly configurable environment to grow the First Tennessee Bank digital strategy.  Phase one, online banking replacement, is complete and phase two, mobile banking replacement is well underway.  Kevin looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead to serve customer’s where they are, when they want to be served, and in any channel which they choose to use.  

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