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IT Risk Management as a Competitive Advantage


Kevin Malicki, Director of Product Management, Harland Clarke
Sam Abadir, Director of Product Alliances, LockPath®


Learn how companies stay ahead of their competition by streamlining IT and Information Security Risk Management processes to help increase efficiency, operate cost-effectively and achieve their goals.

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions can turn a necessary cost into a competitive advantage for your organization.
In this webinar, Kevin Malicki, Director of Product Management for Harland Clarke and Sam Abadir, Director of LockPath Product Management will share how three financial institutions used their GRC capabilities to identify and assess risk in their organizations, determine and execute effective risk response strategies, and create value.

  1. A multi-national bank’s IT department significantly decreased business risk
  2. The compliance and risk management department of a financial services firm cut more than $500,000 in expenses and increased sales performance
  3. A financial institution increased vendor risk management productivity by more than 500%, while increasing program effectiveness and loss prevention


  1. Understand and address different types of risk 
  2. Manage disparate data and risk better
  3. Communicate compliance and risk internally
  4. Gain a competitive advantage through efficient and effective governance, compliance and risk management


  1. Learn tactical and strategic approaches to lowering the cost of risk management
  2. Identify your organization’s risk management maturity and learn what you can achieve
  3. Find out how other financial institutions have turned risk management into a competitive advantage

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Kevin Malicki

Director of Product Management, Harland Clarke

More than 20 years of banking experience with senior level positions at SunTrust Bank and Fidelity Southern Corporation

Drove the risk management activities at both financial institutions

Expertise in delivering year over year revenue and efficiency improvements

Sam Abadir

Director of Product Alliances, LockPath

More than 20 years of experience helping companies improve processes, identify performance metrics, and understand risk

Works directly with financial institutions to help improve efficiencies and realize their institutional value

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