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Meeting Mass-Market Demand for Short-term Loans


Jeff Burton, Product Line Manager, Liquidity Solutions and SmarterPay


New research conducted by SourceMedia Research/American Banker and commissioned by Fiserv highlights consumers’ need and desire for better short-term lending options from their financial institutions. According to the results, nearly 75% of respondents need to access emergency funds at least once a year and 33% or less are satisfied with current options such as overdraft and payday loans.

Banks are in a unique position to serve their customers by offering them reliable and affordable options that tie in with other day-to-day service offerings like checking and savings accounts. This could be of particular benefit to Millennial consumers, who show special interest in short-term loan options, according to survey findings.

Join us for this one-hour educational live web event, during which our panel will discuss:
  • Consumer needs and uses for short-term loans
  • Consumer interest in different loan options and pricing
  • Considerations for banks related to short-term loan products

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about an important financial need your customers are facing, and how your institution can help meet this need while driving revenue growth.

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Jeff Burton

Director, Financial & Risk Management Solutions, Fiserv

Jeff has as over 30 years of banking experience, has been with Fiserv since 2001 (via acquisitions), and is currently a Director within Fiserv’s FRMS Group leading Deposit Liquidity Solutions.  In this role, Jeff works closely with bank executives in product, legal, compliance, and technology responsibilities.  In addition, Jeff has also spent significant time working with regulators from a variety of agencies to help shape their understanding around products in this space.

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