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Mortgage Journey Optimization: Increase Approvals and Lower Costs

Recorded On: 06/14/2017


Adam Thornber, Managing Director UK Practice, Bridgeforce
Mark Ravanesi, Senior Program Manager, US Practice, Bridgeforce


Mortgages represent one of the largest income streams for most big banks globally, as such a little bit of capacity creation or a small improvement in conversion rates can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

While customer journey mapping is not a new concept, we have found that the volume of change, including significant regulatory adjustments, can erode the benefit of previous improvements.

We will share insights on how to improve and sustain your customer journey, including: Simplifying your application process, reducing the journey length, and how to grow your market presence and volumes.

So, join us to find out what you can do to optimize your customer journey to enable you to enhance pull through rates and revenue, while minimizing expense in an increasingly low margin environment.


  1. Why customer journey optimization should be an on-going priority 
  2. The importance of assessing your current customer journey through:
    1. Observing the real end-to-end process
    2. Understanding completion rates
    3. Root cause analysis of negative experiences
    4. Questioning manual hand-offs within the process
  3. Explore proven priorities for customers that are consistent among customer experience surveys and net promoter measurements
  4. Steps you can take to leverage what you’ve already built to advance in these areas


  1. How to approach customer journey optimization
  2. Find out where you stand today against your peers on critical customer journey measures
  3. Practical guidance on proven improvement concepts for your top priority areas

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Adam Thornber

Managing Director, UK Practice, Bridgeforce

Adam has over 15 years of well-rounded experience from line through leadership positions at UK-based financial institutions including Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Rock where he focused on strategy and analytics for lending and debt management. 

Adam specializes in operating model design and implementation, portfolio management strategies, effective business performance indicators and the creation of innovative, commercial debt solutions for borrowers in financial difficulty. As Managing Director of Bridgeforce, Adam oversees the operations, growth and management of the UK practice and has delivered large-scale technology, market expansion and customer journey optimization projects for clients in the region.

Mark Ravanesi

Senior Program Manager, Bridgeforce

Mark Ravanesi has nearly 20 years of experience across the consumer finance lifecycle with deep expertise in credit, customer experience/engagement and risk management.  

Prior to joining Bridgeforce in 2013, Mark held senior Risk and Operations roles in UK and US markets with diverse financial product expertise spanning, credit cards, mortgages, retail energy, deposit accounts and consumer loans.

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