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P2P and Disbursements – The Direct Payments Opportunity

Recorded On: 12/13/2016



Cecilia Frew, SVP, Head of US Push Payments, Visa, Inc.


P2P and business disbursements represent a $10 trillion opportunity in the U.S., which includes approximately $1 trillion in P2P payments and $9 trillion in various forms of disbursements and contractor payments. And this trend isn't going away. In fact, around the world, due to the rise of the sharing economy and the proliferation of mobile devices, consumers and businesses expect to be able to pay and be paid quickly, securely, conveniently through any channel they choose. In this webinar, Visa's Cecila Frew, head of push payments in the U.S., will discuss this growing market and how Visa is approaching this opportunity.


  • The growing opportunity in the $1 trillion P2P and $9 trillion business disbursement markets that are currently dominated by cash, checks and overnight payments.
  • As the sharing economy expands around the world and the continued proliferation of mobile devices; consumers and businesses expect to be able to pay and be paid quickly, securely, conveniently through any channel they choose.
  • Since the majority of these payments are currently made with cash, checks and through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), financial institutions and developers have a tremendous opportunity to digitize and ultimately improve the speed, convenience and security of sending and receiving these type of payments.


  • Attendees will have a deeper understanding of the business opportunity and how Visa is working to help financial institutions through Visa Direct.
  • Financial institutions and partners can quickly build real time payments solutions by accessing Visa Direct through a comprehensive API library on the Visa Developer Platform.
  • Because Visa Direct leverages the existing payment network infrastructure, the platform is highly cost-effective, secure and scalable to markets around the world. In addition, it reaches more than 200 markets around the world and reaches billions of consumer accounts - including non-Visa branded debit cards.

Cecilia Frew

SVP, Head of US Push Payments Visa, Inc.

Cecilia Frew is responsible for leading the U.S. commercialization of Visa Direct, which enables push payments to cardholders around the world. In her role, Cecilia drives the strategy and execution for the quickly evolving push payments market and industry needs for faster payment delivery. Previously, Frew was Head of prepaid products in the U.S. across all prepaid segments including consumer, government, corporate and employee benefits.

Prior to joining Visa in 2014, Cecilia was SVP Debit and Prepaid Products, and Customer Rewards at PNC Bank, where she lead all aspects of the business lines including product management, P&L leadership, growth, risk management and operational excellence. Prior roles included leading the bank's distressed home equity portfolio after the purchase of National City Bank and directing corporate banking strategy.
Prior to PNC, Cecilia was a management consultant for McKinsey and Company and worked for Eastman Kodak Company in sales. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois and her MBA in Finance and Economics at University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.

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