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Ready, Set, Goaling!



Dale Johnson, Director - Data Information Services, Novantas 
Alex Lee, Director – Solutions Client Services, Novantas


Goals can be wrong 40-50 percent of the time leading to problems in revenue forecasting and production, incentives and staff allocations. Are you setting the right targets for your teams?

Goaling as a practice has reached a tipping point. Between the increased complexity in the sales process, the hyper-scrutiny from regulators on sales practices, and the pressure to optimize in the face of a shrinking branch network, fundamental changes are needed.   

Join Novantas experts as they discuss the key factors to consider when setting goals and how to roll them out effectively across your network.


  1. Proprietary insights from the analysis of over 23,000 branches
  2. Optimally deploying sales staff against goals
  3. A case study of leading institutions’ successes and challenges

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Dale Johnson

Director, Data Information Services, Novantas

Dale is a Director at Novantas where he leads the Workforce Productivity practice in the retail banking industry. Dale brings over 20 years of experience working with financial institutions to help banks develop strategies and analytical tools to maximize the return from their branch, specialty sales and contact center workforces. His areas of focus include improving productivity of sales and service across branches and contact centers, re-engineering practices/processes, redesigning operating models to optimize organizational roles and responsibilities, and building winning performance management strategies and tools. Dale has worked extensively with the top 20 retail banks in the U.S., many regional and community banks in the U.S., and top financial institutions in Canada, Australia and the UK. 

Alex J. Lee

Director, Solutions Client Services, Novantas

Alex is a Director in the Solutions Division at Novantas where he focused on supporting clients within the Data Information Services practice. He has over 12 years of experience supporting engagements centered on distribution strategy, across both physical and non-physical investment levers. Alex’s work focuses on delivering data, models and tools that provide clients with leading edge insights into network planning and optimization functions, helping analysts and retail strategists utilize practical strategic frameworks and data to make smarter decisions about the network. Alex has worked with banks across the US and Canada to build stronger analytic capabilities within their organizations, enhancing BAU process with Novantas tools and models.

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