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Speed Processing and Improve Customer Experience Across Multiple Lines of Business

David Smith, Lead Consultant, Applications Line of Business, FICO


Financial institutions understand that delivering excellent service increases retention and market share from their competitors. Customers want to be able to interact with their bank on their terms, from anyplace at any time. Offering this level of service is a challenge for banks that lack omni-channel communications and who struggle with organizational silos, slow and manual processes, and non-integrated legacy systems.

This webinar addresses the challenges of how to speed origination and booking processes, add real-time automated decisioning, and modernize all lines of business, without creating a new generation of siloed internal systems.


  1. How to eliminate application declines due to incorrect or incomplete loan documents submitted by customers
  2. How to improve limited automation decisioning
  3. How to shorten time for changes to credit policy and time to market for new products
  4. Case Study examples including how a large regional financial institution reduced time to book accounts from three days to 30 seconds.


  1. How to leverage banking alerts, customer engagement and electronic document delivery to reduce long application cycles across auto, personal, installment, card, small business, and all portfolios
  2. How to take a big picture and phased approach to address your biggest line of business challenges first and then grow with each successful implementation.

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David Smith

Lead Consultant, Applications Line of Business, FICO

David Smith is an originations consultant at FICO with over 15 years of experience. David engages with and advises banks in regards to consumer and small business lending on a weekly basis. David’s expertise includes proficiency with FICO® Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) which is recognized as the industry leader in assessing the risk of US small business credit applicants as well as FICO’s originations solutions.

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