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How Cloud Computing and AI Have Changed Pricing on Both Sides of the Balance Sheet



Dustin Allen, Senior Director of Global Deposits Solutions, Nomis Solutions
Joe Zeibert, Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions, Nomis Solutions


You’ve heard the buzzwords and listened to conference panelists talk about new technologies that will move banking forward. Join industry experts Dustin Allen and Joe Zeibert for a discussion on how new technology platforms are unlocking market-level insights and faster data-driven decision making than has ever been possible.

Our deposits focus will be placed on using a Machine Learning Neural Network to understand what leading indicators are predictive of rate-driven transactions by your customers.  Our mortgage discussion will explore how big data and cloud computing is helping mortgage lenders evaluate entire market moves and competitive landscape in real time.


  1. How AI/ Neural Nets is used to create the foundation for customer-level deposit scoring.
  2. Why looking at a customer view of pricing and the market place versus just your peer group is more indicative of mortgage customer price elasticity.
  3. How pricing both sides of your balance sheet more effectively leads to longer term growth and happier more loyal customers.


  1. Explore new analysis to help you think differently about your approach to pricing your deposits, loans, and mortgages for the next decade.
  2. Learn how new technologies are allowing banks to understand and meet their customer’s demand more than ever before.
  3. Understand how and specifically what big data metrics on both the deposit and lending sides you should be focusing on to grow in 2020.

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Joe Zeibert

Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions, Nomis Solutions

Joe Zeibert is the Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions at Nomis Solutions.  He is charged with driving customer centric solutions for leading lenders that will enable on-going value creation.

Joe brings over 15 years of financial services and software experience. Most recently, Joe was the Senior Director of Product, Pricing, Credit & Analytics at Ally Financial.  Prior to that, Joe led home equity pricing at Bank of America where he helped bring the bank from the 5th largest lender in that space to the #1.

Dustin Allen

Senior Director of Global Deposits Solutions, Nomis

Dustin Allen is a Senior Director for Nomis.He helps financial institutions excel at pricing, delivering, and managing their deposits franchise.


02/27/2020 at 1:00 PM (EST)  |  60 minutes
02/27/2020 at 1:00 PM (EST)  |  60 minutes