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Why Servicing (Not Selling) Needs to Drive CX Initiatives

Recorded On: 04/08/2020



Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Banking, Celent
Andrew Stevens, Principal, Banking and Financial Services, Quadient


The last several years have seen a step-change in bank’s ability to create relevant and personalized customer experiences – both digitally and in-person. All too often, however, ambitions focus on selling opportunities rather than optimum customer utilization of existing products and services. Join Bob Meara (Senior Analyst, Celent) as we look at examples of banks that have fostered loyal customer relationships and strong organic growth by de-emphasizing product sales in favor of simply optimizing the customer experience. Andrew Stevens (Principal, Banking and Financial Services, Quadient) will show you how to kick start your own customer experience transformation with communications that add value to the customer, driving digital uptake rates while building trust and loyalty along the way.


  1. How customer’s expectations are changing
  2. Examples of banks that have achieved strong organic growth by focusing on optimizing the customer experience
  3. Kick starting your own customer experience transformation with communications that add value to the customer


  1. Understand why a historic view of “good CX” is no longer adequate
  2. Tangible examples of how banks are delivering value through improved customer engagement
  3. Clear and practical next steps towards delivering improved customer engagement in your organization

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Bob Meara

Senior Analyst, Banking, Celent

Bob Meara is a senior analyst in Celent's banking group, with a research focus on branch and ATM delivery channels, digital customer engagement and check and cash payment processing technologies. Mr. Meara has led multiple consulting engagements including proprietary research projects involving financial services hardware, software and the impact of self-service on branch banking as well as being a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Andrew Stevens

Principal, Banking and Financial Services, Quadient

With nearly two decades of experience at one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Andrew has built a global reputation as a customer experience and communication expert that can “walk the walk”, having successfully advised on, defined, and executed multiple transformation programmes across countless countries to deliver tangible results. His valuable experiences on both the technology and operational sides of banking and financial services allow for unique insights into the challenges faced by financial institutions, and ensures that Quadient’s product suite continues to meet the needs of today’s ever-evolving digital customer. He earned his law degree in his home town of Sheffield, United Kingdom.


04/08/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 04/08/2020
04/08/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 04/08/2020