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Driving Operational Agility and Efficiency in Branch Execution

Recorded On: 05/14/2020



Jim Linn, Managing Director, Essex Lake Group
Brian Wallace, General Manager Banking, Reflexis 
Rohit Gupta, Managing Director, Essex Lake Group 
Ron Wellman, Marketing Director, Reflexis (Moderator)


Branch banking is on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis, which has created unprecedented change in nearly every aspect of our lives. For banks, those changes are likely to continue as we slowly migrate back to a “new normal” and beyond. Efficient execution and strategic change can be challenging under a normal business climate. However, this current crisis has amplified significant gaps in banking processes and tools, particularly in branch operational agility and execution effectiveness.

To eliminate the future risk these gaps pose and to improve future branch performance, banks need more modern solutions that support greater agility and execution excellence as they emerge from this crisis and establish the new normal. These solutions must be nimble enough to improve operational execution and communications during times of disruption and deliver clear economic value in a business-as-usual operating environment. 

In our discussion, we will review the weaknesses of the current branch staffing and execution management solutions. And we’ll present the future economic value gained by upgrading the current toolset, which can also mitigate similar risks from future disruptive events.


  1. Current challenges with branch execution and agility.
  2. Benefits of modern software solutions in improving branch execution.
  3. Economic drag caused by existing inefficient tools and solutions.


  1. How modern staffing tools solve the challenges posed by this crisis (and potential future events).
  2. How these same tools can power future branch transformation.
  3. The economic drivers that executives should focus on, and how these tools can power continual improvement.

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Jim Linn

Managing Director, Essex Lake Group

Jim is Managing Director at Essex Lake Group, LLC. He is an Industry Expert and has 34 years of experience in collections and operations areas. He brings his organizational and operations perspective in guiding teams to deliver implementable results. His strong operations focus and guidance has been one of the cores of Essex data monetization approach. 

His experience includes advising and operationally guiding Cerberus Capital Management on GMAC portfolio, and 19 years at American Express in various positions across many geographies in international card divisions. He spearheaded collections, fraud, recovery operations, new accounts and authorizations for the consumer and corporate card issuing businesses and for the merchant acquiring business at American Express. Jim holds an MBA from Indiana University and a BA from the University of Rhode Island.

Brian Wallace

General Manager Banking, Reflexis

Brian Wallace joined Reflexis Systems in 2020 as the General Manager of Banking. Brian has 20-plus years of experience in developing and executing operational strategy across the technology, retail, and banking industries. Brian has delivered significant transformational initiatives to improve underperforming operations, build new capabilities, and lead change efforts to drive efficiencies and growth. 

Brian founded and led the Branch Workforce Planning team at JPMorgan Chase, advancing their capabilities to deliver improved scheduling practices, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction through reduced wait times. 

While at The Home Depot, Brian delivered several strategic initiatives, driving significant cost savings and efficiencies across store operations, supply chain, and merchandising. Brian has considerable experience in developing and implementing technology solutions to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Ron Wellman

Marketing Director, Reflexis

Ron is the Banking Industry Principal and Marketing Director for Reflexis, supporting the company’s efforts to grow the banking vertical. He has more than 24 years of experience in banking and developing bank software solutions. Before joining Reflexis, Ron was a Senior Director for Pegasystems and served in multiple executive roles at Citizens Bank, Bank of America, and Fleet Bank. 

Ron has an MBA from Bentley University, with concentrations in technology and operations. He also holds dual undergraduate degrees in economics and political science from Bucknell University. He earned an executive certificate in strategy and innovation from MIT, and a graduate certificate in retail bank management from the Consumer Bankers Association, completed at the University of Virginia.

Rohit Gupta

Managing Director, Essex Lake Group

Rohit Gupta is Managing Director a Essex Lake Group. He has 13+ years of experience in retail banking and the credit card industry. Specializes in numerical simulations, algorithm development, un-supervised and supervised predictive modelling by leveraging advanced mathematical techniques. Instrumental in setting up and expanding Analytics Center of Excellence for leading retail banks in US, UK and APAC regions


05/14/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 05/14/2020
05/14/2020 at 1:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 05/14/2020