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Managing Your CD Maturity Bulge: Getting Ahead with Scoring, Strategy & Execution



Linda Williams, Retail Deposit Pricing & Portfolio Manager, M&T Bank
Hank Israel, Director, Head of Customer Analytics and Treatments, Novantas
Adam Stockton, Director, Deposit Management & Pricing, Novantas


Amid the Fed’s rush to zero, the looming bulge of CD maturities in the second half of 2020 poses a dilemma for deposit managers. Pricing for broad retention is unthinkable. But flooring rates reduces funding flexibility in volatile times, and more importantly, risks primary customer relationships that drive franchise value. Join Novantas for a discussion on how to navigate these choppy waters. During this session, we’ll review insights from proprietary cross-bank data, map out winning strategies, and demonstrate how to “plug and play” CD scores to target offers that are tailored to your customer and funding needs.


  1. Assess and communicate your risk relative to the competition.
  2. Consider portfolio-level pricing tactics to “bend the arc” of your looming CD bulge.
  3. Target retention based on customer needs and behaviors.

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Hank Israel

Director, Product Management, Novantas

Hank is a Director and leader of the Customer Analytics & Treatments practice at Novantas. In his role, Hank supports clients across projects involving product development, customer treatment design, and customer treatment/ experience analytics. Hank has led over 50 engagements driving value across consumer and small business operations from product design to customer treatment efficacy for deposits and payments opportunities.

Adam Stockton

Director, Deposit Management & Pricing, Novantas

Adam is a Director and leader in the Consumer Deposits practice at Novantas. In his role, Adam helps clients grow economically through the application of granular analytics, purpose-built tools and proprietary benchmark data. His primary focus has been deposit management and pricing across all business segments, with a secondary focus on product value proposition and customer-targeted pricing. Over his thirteen-year career, Adam has supported clients including Top 5 banks in the US, Canada and Australia; top Wealth Management and Brokerage institutions; Regional, Superregional and Direct banks.

Linda Willliams

Retail Deposit Pricing & Portfolio Manager at M&T Bank

Linda Williams is the Retail Deposit Pricing and Portfolio Manager at M&T Bank.  She is responsible for forecasting and managing the portfolio to support bank-wide profitability and liquidity, as well as setting strategic direction through product pricing decisions, customer analytics, product implementation, marketing, and sales strategy to support strong Retail relationships.  She joined M&T in 2011 in the Treasury division serving in various quantitative functions and has her MBA in Financial Services from Canisius College.


06/25/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  60 minutes
06/25/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  60 minutes