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Consumer Lending: Stop “Off Us” Loans

Recorded On: 02/25/2020



Jeff Keltner, Head of Business Development, Upstart

Rob Perrelli, SVP, Head of Product – Consumer Lending, TCF Bank


Consumers are embracing unsecured fixed term loans as a more desirable method for funding their short term financial needs such as paying down credit card debt, renovating their home or purchasing a used car.  For many, this loan type is replacing traditional solutions including HELOCs and auto loans. Despite their smaller size, these loans can be big business for banks with the right offering.

Consumers are increasingly drawn to these products because of the fast process, affordable rates, and seamless digital experience. Not surprisingly, most of these loans are being originated by fintechs who are meeting the consumers’ needs. Accounting for the majority of originations, these lenders have set the standard for the lending process and defined the consumer expectation. 

The tide, however, appears to be turning. Increasingly, traditional lending institutions are investing and competing for this business - and winning.

Hear how TCF came to the decision to invest in this product, their process for implementing and executing fintech innovation and the results that they are seeing in the market. Like TCF, banks can leverage the right technology partner to offer an exceptional product that best meets their consumers’ needs, reduces “off us” leakage, and grows their consumer lending business.


  1. Why consumers are rushing to fintechs for unsecured fixed term loans - making it the fastest growing category of consumer lending.
  2. Why digitizing legacy processes isn’t enough - to capture all of the value, lenders must combine a strong consumer experience with smarter decisioning and verification.
  3. How lenders can launch a next generation consumer lending product, within their current credit risk universe, that results in profitable growth and extremely satisfied customers.


  1. Learn why consumers are leveraging unsecured loans more - including the replacement of HELOCs and Auto loans.
  2. Learn how TCF recognized an unmet need with their clients, their process for selecting the right solution/partner and their journey for executing change management activities including engaging their customer-facing bankers.
  3. Discover how to quickly grow a digital-first lending business profitably - reducing “off us” loans and increasing access to credit for more borrowers.

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Jeff Keltner

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Upstart

Jeff Keltner is the senior vice president of business development at Upstart. With Upstart, banks and other lenders can leverage Upstart's AI platform in the form of a white-labeled lending application to power their own lending programs. Jeff joined Upstart after spending 6 years at Google. He launched and built the Google Apps for Education business, growing market share from zero to almost 70% in its first four years. Jeff spearheaded marketing efforts for Google Apps in Global 2000 accounts and led sales, business development, and go-to-market strategy for the launch of Chrome devices in the education and enterprise sectors. He spent several years in direct sales at IBM, always exceeding quota, and was a founding engineer and lead UI developer at SSB Technologies. Jeff holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.

Rob Perrelli

SVP, Head of Product – Consumer Lending, TCF Bank

Robert Perrelli leads the Consumer Lending team within TCF Bank, a $47B bank in total assets and a top 10 deposit market share in the Midwest. Robert joined TCF in 2009 and has played a variety of creative and strategic roles throughout his tenure. Perrelli led strategy and its digital revolution at Inventory Finance and delivered on strategic purpose within the Consumer Bank to drive overall growth and retention. Recently, he also launched TCF’s first-ever fintech partnership in the consumer lending space. Prior to TCF, Robert worked at the National Restaurant Association and Allstate Financial. Robert holds both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Finance and Strategy from DePaul University where he continues to stay involved on its board for the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center.


02/25/2020 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/25/2020
02/25/2020 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/25/2020