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Synthetic IDs, A Fresh Take on Fake

Recorded On: 01/28/2021



Lisa Hatzenbeller, Financial Crimes Consultant, Wells Fargo
Rick Cooney, Director of Fraud Strategy, Axcess Financial
J’Amy Colburn, Senior VP of Sales, Innovis
Lisa Wolkenfeld, Director of Product Development,


The widespread issue of synthetic ID fraud continues to proliferate our industry, with lenders scratching their heads as they not only try to solve the problem, but even to consistently define it. Since this type of fraud leverages the long game and often looks “clean” at point of application, how can we spy on the fraudsters as they build up their fake identity, to stop them short of busting out with a large sum?

Join a panel of your peers, including Lisa Hatzenbeller (Financial Crimes Consultant) of Wells Fargo and Rick Cooney (Director of Fraud Strategy) of Axcess Financial as we have an open discussion on frustrations, misconceptions and fresh strategies surrounding the fight against Synthetic ID fraud.


  • Complexity, frustrations, and misconceptions of the Synthetic ID problem.
  • The pros and cons of the electronic Consent Based SSN Verification Service (eCBSV) effort, and how long it will take to have true impact on synthetics.
  • Fresh strategies to target the most questionable identities while having minimal impact on good customers.


  • Understand challenges and common misconceptions regarding Synthetic IDs.
  • How to strengthen your Synthetic ID strategy.
  • Explore innovative ways to identify Synthetic IDs throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Lisa Hatzenbeller

Business Support Consultant, VP, Wells Fargo

Lisa Hatzenbeller is a Business Support Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with Wells Fargo. Her primary area of focus is working to mitigate risk, reduce fraud, and propose any new fraud initiatives or process enhancements in the Personal Lending space. 

Rick Cooney

Director of Fraud Strategy, Axcess Financial

Rick’s career in the financial services industry has spanned thirty-eight years. After beginning with Household International in 1982 where he led Bank Security and Fraud Investigations, Risk held positions of increasing scope at Citi Bank, Dell Financial Services and Synchrony Bank. During his tenure as Synchrony Bank’s fraud leader, he was a member of the Mastercard Fraud Advisory Council and the Credit Card Fraud Control Roundtable where he was involved with an industry coalition that developed legislation to allow automated real time access to Social Security Administration data to help combat Synthetic Fraud. 

In 2018 Rick retired from Synchrony Bank and joined Axcess Financial as Director of Fraud Strategy. In his current role he’s focused on developing a versatile Identity Fraud Management Platform with some of the leading fraud companies in the industry.

J’Amy Colburn

Senior Vice President of Sales, Innovis

J’Amy leads an enthusiastic team committed to helping financial institutions solve problems and expand their footprint using Innovis data. FailSafe®, Innovis’ multi-layer authentication suite, was created with the intentional sharing of trends, analytics, and ideas between financial institutions and the team at Innovis.

Lisa Wolkenfeld

Director of Product Development, Innovis

Lisa carries 30 years industry experience, with 15 years working on the lending side and 15 on the Credit Reporting Agency side. As Director of Product Development Lisa leads a team of data scientists in researching and building data-driven solutions for financial institutions. These solutions focus on identity verification, fraud reduction and credit risk management. 


01/28/2021 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 01/28/2021
01/28/2021 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 01/28/2021