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Checking the Pulse of the Home Equity Market: A 2019 Midyear Update



Rutger van Faassen, VP of Consumer Lending, Informa Financial Intelligence


A further decrease in Home Equity origination volume is caused by a combination of lower refinancing of end-of-draw customers, new entrants to the market and substitute products. This is resulting in more competition for less available demand which is putting all lenders under more pressure to come up with ways to capture new customers in a shrinking market. Customer expectation with regards to speed to disbursement has changed and more customers are choosing a more seamless digital lending journey. 

In this midyear market update, Informa Financial Intelligence will provide valuable industry insights based on near real-time origination and portfolio market data along with feedback from ongoing engagements with clients as they apply these insights to their Home Equity strategies.  The discussion will focus on the origination behavior, product and geographic performance, operational trends, and portfolio performance of Home Equity lines and loans.


  1. Originations Performance YTD – consumer demand, booked volume, risk mix, and operations
  2. Portfolio Balance Behavior – Runoff trends, large paydown/attrition analysis, recent vintage performance, impact of promotional rates on balances
  3. Market forces impacting competitive pressure in the Home Equity market


  1. Take stock of where the Home Equity market is half way through the year
  2. Understanding of what elements are driving the industry metrics
  3. Key trends observed in Home Equity lending 

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Rutger van Faassen

Vice President of Consumer Lending, Informa Financial Intelligence

Rutger van Faasseen is the Head of Product & Market Strategy for FBX at Informa Financial Intelligence. FBX provides clients with actionable insights from the unique data assets generated about the competitive banking landscape both qualitative and quantitative. Rutger brings over two decades of experience in international retail lending to FBX and its clients. Rutger joined Informa from Nomis Solutions where he provided predictive analytics leveraging the FBX data set. Prior to that Rutger worked at ABN AMRO Bank both in Europe and the US in different consumer lending roles.


08/14/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 08/22/2019
08/14/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 08/22/2019 Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.