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Defining Deposit Battlegrounds– New Research from CBA and Novantas



Andrew Frisbie, EVP, Head of Consumer Pricing, Novantas

Hank Israel, Director, Novantas Solutions


Say goodbye to a decade of stable deposits. One of the most pressing issues for today’s bankers is how to grow deposits profitably in a world of increased competition, higher betas and changing customer preferences.

 New research from CBA and Novantas set out to uncover some answers. Examining both the customer motivations and bank value associated with deposit products, the study revealed the future of cash management looks very different and there are several distinct deposit battlegrounds emerging.

Join Novantas experts for a deep dive into the results to learn: 

  • The new “treasure” map for deposits – where to find the pockets of value
  • Key considerations for the new deposit battlegrounds
  • Implications for your strategy going forward

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Andrew Frisbie

EVP, Head of Consumer Pricing, Novantas

Andrew is an EVP at Novantas with over 15 years of experience in product and pricing strategy, LOB strategy, and balance sheet management. He has also led engagements in stress testing, CCAR, corporate forecasting, and merger integration. His mortgage experience includes building demand elasticity models for a big-4 UK bank, introducing elements of risk-based pricing into another non-US market, and evaluating US servicing advance financing offerings during the GFC.  He has been published widely in articles and press quotes. Andrew is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University.

Hank Israel

Director, Product Management, Novantas

Hank is a Director and leader of the Customer Analytics & Treatments practice at Novantas. In his role, Hank supports clients across projects involving product development, customer treatment design, and customer treatment/ experience analytics. Hank has led over 50 engagements driving value across consumer and small business operations from product design to customer treatment efficacy for deposits and payments opportunities.

Dana Kaumenova

Researcher, Novantas

Dana is a Researcher at Novantas, with experience in market research, technology entrepreneurship and commercialization in real estate, medical device and CPG industries. At Novantas, she conducts the design and analysis of large-scale customer research initiatives, consumer profiling and segmentation, and leads Intellectual Capital development along with the members of Customer Knowledge team. She is a graduate of Brown University, where she received a Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Engineering.


05/02/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
05/02/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.