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Find your opportunity for on-going value creation in today’s hyper-competitive lending market



Joe Zeibert, Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions

Steve Barkin, Senior Director, Global Lending Services, Nomis Solutions


The lending landscape has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Competition is hitting banks from all angles, most notably across HELOCs and the rapidly growing personal loan space. To succeed, banks must effectively compete and sometimes partner with fintechs across a host of lending products. 

 This new lending landscape demands a more customer-centric focus — getting the right product to the right customer at the right price.

 In this presentation, we will discuss how the blurring of product boundaries are affecting financial institutions and what they can learn from their competition. We will also dig into how to optimize pricing across products while delivering a more customer centric approach in order to create more enduring client relationships.



  1. Why the lines between products are starting to blur, requiring bankers to take a more customer needs-based approach as they define and market financial solutions.
  2. New thinking on pricing strategy. Today, it is not just about cost and risk: demand-side pricing and loan level customer elasticity leads to happier customers, larger balances, and more profit for investing back into making customers delighted.
  3. Real examples of where banks have succeeded from reorienting around what customers really want



  1. Insights on the lending spectrum and predictions for how this ecosystem will evolve over the next few years
  2. Examples of what to learn from your competition and opportunities for partnership
  3. A new view of customer-based pricing and how this accelerates growth and develops enduring customer relationships

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Joe Zeibert

Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions, Nomis Solutions

Joe Zeibert is the Managing Director of Global Lending Solutions at Nomis Solutions.  He is charged with driving customer centric solutions for leading lenders that will enable on-going value creation.

Joe brings over 15 years of financial services and software experience. Most recently, Joe was the Senior Director of Product, Pricing, Credit & Analytics at Ally Financial.  Prior to that, Joe led home equity pricing at Bank of America where he helped bring the bank from the 5th largest lender in that space to the #1.

Steve Barkin

Senior Director, Global Lending Services, Nomis Solutions

Steve leads Global Lending Services at Nomis, directing pricing optimization solution engagements with retail banks in the U.S, Canada, and New Zealand markets, across Mortgage, Home Equity, Personal Lending and Auto Loan product lines.   Prior to joining Nomis, Steve led customer and marketing analytics teams at Charles Schwab & Co. and PayPal.   Steve has 25+ years of experience delivering pricing and analytical solutions and programs in the financial services (banking, brokerage and payments) and airline industries.   Steve holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale College and a M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University.


10/23/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 11/01/2019
10/23/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 11/01/2019 Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.