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Redefining the Customer Experience for the Next Normal in Banking

Recorded On: 10/15/2020



Jeff Hassemer, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Harland Clarke
Carrie Stapp, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Harland Clarke
Traci DeGolier,
VP Analytics & Business Intelligence, Harland Clarke
Corbin Christensen, Senior Vice President, Pricing and Strategy, Harland Clark


Out of crisis comes opportunity. While the pandemic has been the ultimate stress test for businesses, it has catapulted digital transformation and new strategies for optimizing customer experiences to the forefront of today’s priorities. Organizations that adapt now will emerge stronger in a post-COVID world, but what is it going to take to get there?

In the webcast, we will discuss:

  • How your peers are prioritizing their digital transformation projects
  • Which online and mobile banking features are fundamental to customer adoption and retention
  • Consumer channel preferences for new account opening
  • Post-COVID marketing plans: top goals, mix and communications strategy
  • Impact on customer service and how financial institutions are responding
  • Emerging banking trends and technology solutions for 2021


  • Identify ways digital transformation builds a new, resilient and innovative business.
  • Learn how proactive communications and personalization help members manage their finances.
  • Explore ways that resourcing aids in managing day-to-day operations.

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Jeff Hassemer

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Harland Clarke

Jeff Hassemer is a Global Marketing executive known for his thought leadership and notable product achievements with technology companies. Over the years, Jeff has developed a series of strategic tools that enable product management organizations to rapidly determine high impact development items that solve crucial business problems. His process covers product inception through go to market efforts to include market led product innovation, customer first product prioritization, high growth pricing strategies and sales empowerment. 

Mr. Hassemer currently serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Harland Clarke. Prior to joining Harland Clarke, Mr. Hassemer held other senior-level Marketing positions with notable emerging tech and Fortune 500 companies, including: Experian, Trueffect, Doubleclick, Matchlogic, Entiera, Responsys, ROI Direct, and Customer Insight Company. 

Mr. Hassemer has turned around struggling companies and product lines, been a key participant in M&As, extended powerful technology into international markets; all the while partnering with sales and fulfillment to generate record-levels of revenue, margin and customer satisfaction. Jeff’s innovative approach fuses process with imagination to yield positive outcomes Jeff leads with a “together we win” spirit, and continues to earn the highest-degree of confidence amongst colleagues and clients due to his ability to spot market needs and meet with them with high-quality, high-performance products and services.

A highly skilled professional, Mr. Hassemer has published numerous white-papers and serves as a key-note speaker at multiple industry broadcasts and conferences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business Management with a concentration in Military History from Ripon College; Successful Product Management Certification; Defining the Strategic Leader Certification; and Pricing Strategies in a Competitive Environment Certification.

Carrie Stapp

Senior Vice President, Product Management, Harland Clarke

Carrie Stapp, Senior Vice President, Product Management, is responsible for managing the product lifecycle, from understanding client and consumer needs, assessing industry trends and identifying competitive threats, to realizing strong business opportunities that deliver results.

Carrie is a proven marketing and product leader with more than 20 years of advertising, branding, social marketing, marketing analytics and product development/management experience. Most recently, she served as the Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing for MainSource Financial Group—a $4.6 billion financial services company. During her 19 years at MainSource, Carrie progressively grew her responsibilities while driving strategic initiatives to support the financial institution’s growth and increasing brand awareness and customer retention.

Carrie is a member of the Alpha Omicron Alpha Sorority. She previously served on the Board of Trustees for Decatur County Memorial Hospital as a chairperson for the Risk Committee and member of the Quality Committee. Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Purdue University and is a graduate of the American Bankers Association School of Bank Marketing and Management.

Traci DeGolier

VP Analytics & Business Intelligence, Harland Clarke

Traci DeGolier is the Vice President of Data Analytics for Harland Clarke. She’s spent a long and successful career at Harland Clarke, starting as a process analyst in the credit union division in 2001 and working her way over the last nineteen years to her current leadership position. Her contributions in various strategic analytics roles enable Traci to serve Harland Clarke in a way few can; through aligning corporate strategy to business metrics, leveraging data from multiple data sources to present more complete information to facilitate decision making, and creating consistent methodologies across Harland Clarke solutions for measurement of customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, media mix and profitability.

Corbin Christensen

Senior Vice President, Pricing and Strategy, Harland Clarke

Corbin Christensen is the Vice President of Pricing and Client Strategy for Harland Clarke. He is responsible for developing innovative pricing strategies across Harland Clarke’s portfolio, to include payments, acquisition, contact center and customer engagement solutions. 

Corbin began his career in banking in 1998, serving as head of marketing (and also check program manager) for Utah’s largest community bank. He led the bank’s advertising function during a period of rapid growth, and was responsible for customer retention communications during merger & acquisition events. 

During his time at Harland Clarke, he has specialized in creating win-win partnerships for clients, with a focus on value and performance-based pricing programs. A strong believer in continuous improvement, he leads a team that focuses on data-driven analysis and reporting to demonstrate results and quickly identify areas for improvement.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Financial Services & Risk Management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Emory University.


10/15/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 10/15/2020
10/15/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 10/15/2020