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Secrets to Avoiding Data Overload in Consumer Banking



Jim Bander, PhD, Analytics and Optimization Leader, Experian


Retail banking leaders in Risk Management, Credit, Information Technology, and other departments know they could expand their markets, control risk, and improve compliance if only they could integrate more data into their models, forecasts and decisioning ecosystem.  The sheer number of data sources available can be overwhelming: bank relationship data (on-us data), credit data from multiple bureaus, non-traditional credit data, consumer-permissioned data, and data from third party sources such as mortgage and automotive data. Challenges go beyond technical integration to include data and attribute governance issues and speed of adoption.

This webinar will cover

  • Technology trends: hear how the latest technology, including the cloud and machine learning, makes it easier than ever to access data, define and manage attributes throughout the enterprise, and perform complex calculations in real-time.
  • Time to Market: appreciate that consumer banks and other financial companies that have mastered data and attribute management are able to integrate data and attributes quickly for a number of financial products and across multiple information technology environments. 
  • Business Benefits: understand how analytics helps financial institutions of all sizes make better business decisions:
    • growing their portfolios,
    • controlling fraud and credit risk,
    • controlling operating expenses,
    • improving compliance, and
    • improving the customer experience in a variety of ways.
  • Critical success factors: learn how you can stay ahead of constantly changing business and data requirements and continuously improve your lending operations.

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Jim Bander, PhD

Analytics and Optimization Leader, Experian

Jim Bander of Experian Decision Analytics focuses on analytics, consulting, and optimization. Jim ensures that Experian’s analytics propositions focus on the needs of our clients in North America. After receiving his PhD, Dr. Bander taught Decision and Information Sciences at the University of Florida before becoming an analytics practitioner. He chaired the Financial Services Section of INFORMS (a leading analytics professional society) while vice president of an analytics software startup. Before joining Experian, Dr. Bander recruited, developed, and oversaw highly skilled risk management professionals at a consumer finance company that was the largest in its industry--responsible for the decisioning strategies, collections champion-challenger tests, and custom scorecards. He spearheaded an industry-first financial services optimization program that was recognized by InformationWeek as Best in Analytics and by Gartner for Analytics Excellence. 


10/01/2019 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 10/16/2019
10/01/2019 at 12:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 10/16/2019 Please click the button to the right to join the webinar.